Begging Pet - Personalized (CH002)

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Do you have a specific size or layout in mind?

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Ask us about custom sizes! 

All custom orders will vary in cost depending requests.

Our canvas images are hand wrapped on photo grade canvas and sprayed with a uv protectant. We build the wooden frames at our shop located in north central Illinois. We do not provide back panels on our frames, but they can be easily attached with a few staples or small nails if you choose.

Be sure to include names, initials, photos, graphics or wedding date (depending on the canvas print that you are ordering).

Have an idea? Send us a message! We offer custom designs, sizes and colors. Prices will vary depending on design and materials used.

Additional Fees - Applies to ALL Custom Images:

Standard - FREE - Includes cropping, basic color correction, conversion to black and white or sepia 
Basic - $20.00 - Includes minor edits (remove blemishes, stray hairs, red eye, teeth whitening), Adding plain text (unless you order a personalized image that includes text)
Advanced - $45.00 - Includes major edits ( removing scenery/background, major color corrections, detailed editing of scratches/dust/water damage, etc., isolating color); edits to approximately 25% or less of the image. 
Ultimate - $100.00 - Includes extensive photo editing (extensive editing of scratches, tears, water damage; adding or removing people, combining images; etc.); edits to approximately 26% or more of the image 
Additional Design /Layout - $35.00 per hour - The "Additional Design/Layout" fee is applied at the rate of $35 per hour of design/layout work beyond what is included in the "Retouching & Design" Fees listed above. 
Rush Order - $10.00 Per Print - Order completion in less than 5 business days from order date (standard order completion is 5-10 business days). 
Stretching Canvas - LARGER than 30" Frames - $15.00 - $35.00 - Stretching canvas over standard, 4-sided wood frame with the addition of stretched bar for extra support for larger frames with long edges. Price variation depends on size and complexity of the frame. Price will be discussed with the customer and set when the order is placed.